Yard Signs
Christiaan has designed three variations of his campaign sign; let us know which one you’d like in your yard!

    I have three different messages available! Which one would you prefer?
    For a Sustainable ErieFor a Thriving ErieFor a Vibrant Erie

    Where would you like me to leave your sign?
    Place in front yardLeave on porch

    About The Design

    Instead of a generic political sign with red and blue stripes, I designed the signs myself. Many of the features of this design were also present in the signs I created for my 2018 run for Trustee. The thought I put into my design is characteristic of the effort I put into everything I do:

      • The mountain outline is based on an Ansel Adams photograph of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. I began my working life as a technical illustrator and photography is one of my passions.
      • The lower elevation profile is from a loop ride on the Erie Singletrack, a mile north of my home in Erie.
      • The font I used is the same one as you’ll see on highway signs across the US and Canada. It’s called Highway Gothic, developed by the United States Federal Highway Administration for maximum legibility at distance and speed. I’ve spent much of my work career on software application usability and incorporate usability wherever I can.
      • Because it didn’t change the overall pricing, I ordered signs with three separate messages. I bring that same kind of ingenuity to the every Board meeting to maximize the return on our investments.