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My name is Christiaan van Woudenberg, and I am running for Mayor of Erie to represent you! I’ll continue to serve the Town of Erie with courage, integrity and conviction to:

  • Champion the Town Center master plan to bring unique retail destinations to Erie with a robust commercial tax base.
  • End the practice of residential drilling.
  • Preserve the character of Old Town.
  • Successfully see the Town transition to Home Rule.
  • Establish Erie as a regional leader by executing on the Town’s Sustainability Master Plan.
  • Collaborate with our neighbors to address the regional issues of traffic, transportation, and infrastructure.
  • Hold true to my principles and beliefs as a father with small town roots to see Erie grow to be an economically and environmentally sustainable community.

I’d be honored to receive your vote for Mayor on April 7th!

Connecting Online

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Finally, please vote! Ballots will be mailed out in the second week of March and are due back at Town Hall by April 7th.

Erie Business Update

Coronavirus Update


As a part of the election, various media outlets have asked for candidate questionnaires. Read annotated versions of my responses:

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Elected Officials Endorse Christiaan

Now that SB 181 is the law, we need to make sure we elect leaders who will push for the strongest local regulations to protect our communities from the oil and gas industry. I am proud to support Christiaan for Erie Mayor because he has consistently opposed residential fracking. He has a proven record of fighting for change at the local and state level to prioritize health and safety over oil and gas development.

I wholly support Christiaan for Erie Mayor. Christiaan has taken the time to educate myself and the entire Berthoud Board of Trustees on fracking and has presented many facts and studies that I later studied and found to be true. I can tell from our first meeting and onwards his passion for Erie and its future not only on oil & gas but also on commercial growth and other issues. He has many goals for the Town and the region. A vote for Christiaan is a vote for practical evidence-based community improvements.

I support and endorse Christiaan van Woudenberg for Erie Mayor. I have had the honor to work with Christiaan as a fellow municipal elected official as well as an activist, and I know that he is a man of integrity and intelligence. I know him as a strong advocate for Public Heath, Public Safety, Public Welfare, and Social Justice. Hydraulic Fracturing by the Oil and Gas Industry has negatively impacted the town of Erie, and the people of Erie need a Mayor willing to stand up to that industry. Christiaan has already proven to be the person Erie needs as their Mayor. He will put the citizens first with the goal to an environmentally sustainable future. Erie is on the path to become a major player on the front range and is no longer a bedroom community. Erie needs a Mayor like Christiaan to fulfill the demands required to take Erie into the future – the future the citizens of Erie should not only expect, but deserve.