As the election draws nearer, I’ve been honored and humbled to received a number of endorsements from those that support my candidacy.

The ELife Candidate Issue is out! Read my annotated statement, and then head on over to ELife for the other candidates’ statements. You may also read my candidate statement for the Colorado Hometown Weekly and Yellow Scene Magazine.

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I’m thrilled about the prospect of becoming a Trustee for the Town of Erie, Colorado. To begin, have a look at my policy statements. Then see local news coverage of how I’m already representing Erie residents on various hot-button topics; prominently featured is the issue of oil & gas development in our town.

Then, check out the campaign on the various social media platforms and give us a like or follow as appropriate:

Finally, please vote! Ballots will be mailed out in the second week of March and are due back at Town Hall by April 3rd.

Colorado Rising

As an integral part of taking oil & gas to the state, I’m proud to stand with Colorado State Senator Matt Jones, Colorado House District 12 Representative Mike Foote, and many others to officially endorse the efforts of Colorado Rising on a “2018 statewide ballot initiative petition to protect public health and safety from fracking by establishing 2,500 ft. buffer zones between oil and gas operations and occupied buildings such as homes and schools and other vulnerable areas such as water sources and playgrounds.”

This is what it means to take it to the state. As the Editor-in-Chief for the Erie Protectors, I’ve already been active at the local, county, and state levels to protect residents from the onslaught of oil & gas activities.

My statement of endorsement:

Given oil & gas operators are exempt from many federal laws and the COGCC exists only to rubber-stamp their activities, it is the duty of the people to rally in opposition to the onslaught of this industrial activity in our neighborhoods and on the environment. This measure is a meaningful step forward to protect the health and safety of the people of Colorado and the legacy we leave our children.

— Christiaan van Woudenberg, Editor-in-Chief, Erie Protectors.

Take the pledge to sign this ballot initiative petition once it is released!

Erie Protectors

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

I’m proud to be a founding member and self-appointed editor-in-chief of the Erie Protectors. My focus in the organization has been to inform the citizens of Colorado about the onslaught of oil & gas activities in our neighborhoods by creating videos of operations in and around Erie, as well as reporting on accidents such as the Lochbuie Boom and the Vessels Minerals incident.

My video footage is often featured in local news stories!

About Christiaan

Name: Christiaan van Woudenberg

Age: 44

Family: Fiancée Larisa, daughters Anika (13) and Isobel (10).

How long have you lived in Erie: 10 1/2 years

Community: Editor-in-Chief, Erie Protectors. Sphero Club Leader, Black Rock Elementary School. Contributor, ELife Magazine.

Professional Background: Software architect

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Graduate studies in Computational Biology / Operations Research at the University of Colorado at Denver.

Hobbies: Skiing, cycling, photography, and roller derby1)Yes, that’s me in the image above (on the left side) refereeing a juniors roller derby game in Lakewood, Colorado.. Except where noted, all photographs and videos on this site and that of the Erie Protectors were taken by me.


References   [ + ]

1. Yes, that’s me in the image above (on the left side) refereeing a juniors roller derby game in Lakewood, Colorado.


The 2018 Town of Erie Municipal Election will be conducted via mail-in ballot.  Voters will be electing a new mayor for a two-year term, and three new Trustees for four-year terms. For further details, see the town’s post about the election.

Important Dates

  • Election day is April 3, 2018!
  • Ballots will be mailed to registered voters by the week of March 12, 2018.
  • You may drop off your ballot at Town Hall any time during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) and on Election Day from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

I Didn’t Get A Ballot!

“Registered voters who do not receive a ballot in the mail may request one from the Erie Town Clerk’s Office” at 645 Holbrook St, Erie, CO 80516.

The Other Candidates

I’ll do my best to keep this section updated with the candidates’ online presences (alphabetical by last name). As a voter, take the time to look through their materials and ensure they’ve made specific, actionable statements about what they’ll do once elected. I’ve made plenty; we deserve other candidates that will do the same.

Before you compare with the other candidates, have a look at my policy statements and see how I’ve already been involved in the community.


Board of Trustees

You may also watch any previous Board of Trustees meeting to see what the candidates said about the issues affecting our community, either as government officials or concerned residents.