7News: Anadarko Gas Pipelines

Jennifer Kovaleski of 7News interviewed me as a part of their report about the natural gas supply lines being installed by Anadarko just behind Crestview Lane in Vista Ridge.

While there was already a natural gas supply line installed in the early 2000s even closer to the homes on Crestview Lane, and another supply line that runs down Crestview Lane itself to supply homes, this line is different.

In the video, I said, “For us as residents walking by, we won’t ever know there’s a leak.”

That’s because the raw natural gas coming from the Pratt and Waste Connections pads does not contain mercaptan, a sulfuric rotten egg-smelling chemical “that makes it easier to detect a gas leak before it can create a hazardous situation. 1)https://www.columbiagasma.com/en/stay-safe/when-you-smell-gas/what-is-mercaptan-

The video also features some of the drone footage that I’ve taken to highlight how close these industrial operations are to neighboring communities.

As Trustee, I’ll demand more frequent inspections of supply and flow lines to ensure the safety of residents living near these industrial operations.

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