7News: Regulators To Begin Waste Drum Removal

I spoke to Jennifer Kovaleski of 7News for this newscast about the contaminated drum removal occurring at the Neuhauser Landfill (now known as Redtail Ranch) just north of Vista Ridge.

In the newscast, I said, “We don’t know what’s under the ground” at the site; it also featured drone footage I took for the Erie Protectors. We’ll know more when the cleanup efforts undertaken by Stratus Redtail Ranch are complete.

The following week, I attended the informational session held at the Erie Police Department and spoke with representatives from the EPA, the CDPHE, and Stratus about the cleanup process.

As a Trustee, I’ll work to ensure that residents purchasing homes at Redtail Ranch are able to safely raise their families on a property that has been properly decontaminated, with appropriate setbacks from known landfill deposits and oil & gas operations.