Erie TV: November 14, 2017 BoT Meeting

At the board of trustees meeting on November 14, 2017, I spoke about the Aspen Ridge PS / Vessels Minerals incident, and numerous other oil & gas issues.

As Trustee, I’ll continue to be a strong voice to represent the interests of current and future Erie residents.

You may view the video at or read the statement I made below.

My name is Christiaan van Woudenberg. I am the editor-in-chief of the Erie Protectors. We are the organization that uncovered the notice of alleged violation by Crestone Peak Resources at the Vessels Minerals site, 25 yards from the Aspen Ridge Preparatory School and the Kiddie Academy of Erie. We are the ones that brought this violation to the attention of the administration at Aspen Ridge, the community at large, this board, and the local media.

You’re going to hear from a lot of angry residents tonight.

They’re angry at the COGCC, who consistently favor the financial interests of the operators over the health concerns of the residents of Colorado. For approving every single drilling permit. For creating useless noise regulations that allow operators to install massive industrial operations mere hundreds of feet from established communities.

They’re angry at Matt Lepore, who recently dismissed the 1,100 complaints received by the COGCC regarding the Woolley Becky Sosa, Waste Connections, and Pratt sites as the result of a “coordinated social media campaign”.

They’re angry at Crestone Peak Resources, for even thinking they could conduct business as usual when operating 25 yards from a playground where children were playing. For using Gibson D822 in their drilling mud, when no one else will use it for the odor issues it raises. For installing a massive industrial operation in Vista Ridge that has turned the neighborhood into a war zone.

They’re angry at the Board of Trustees, for unanimously approving the plans for building Kiddie Academy within 100 feet of an existing oil & gas operation.

They’re angry at oil & gas apologists, who say that Colorado has the strictest regulations in the country. Of course they’re safe. They’re following the rules! Oh, Crestone just made a little mistake and fixed it right away! Oh, you drive cars and heat your homes with natural gas, stop complaining! I’m sure we’ll hear some of that tonight.

Finally, they’re angry at you, Dan Woog. For ridiculing those who supported the odor ordinance on Facebook with a fire pit marshmallow roast. For voting against the flowline mapping ordinance adopted by this board in September. When it comes time to vote this spring, we will remember how you have time and again favored the interests of oil and gas over those of the families in this community that you purport to represent.

So, now what? Your vision plan says Erie should be “a caring community which offers its residents an environment in which to seek a high quality of life.” That’s not us. We’re a damned oil field. Hold the COGCC accountable for failing to regulate this industry, for failing to protect our health and quality of life. Hold the operators accountable for their wanton disregard for the health, safety, and property rights of the residents of this town. Take our anger and do something.