Longmont Times Call: CDPHE Mobile Lab

This fall, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) installed a mobile air quality monitoring lab at the park where Crestview Lane meets Primrose Lane in Vista Ridge. The Longmont Times-Call reported on the testing results, including some of my commentary:

Christiaan van Woudenberg, who lives near the operations, and complains about sounds and smells, said the mobile lab is a step toward better understanding what’s in the air, but he’s not expecting shocking results.

He said while the levels don’t show an intense cloud of compounds, he’s not clear how sampling the diffused air shows accurate long-term side effects.

“The law is insufficient to protect us as residents from enjoying our own properties,” van Woudenberg said. He said the noise prohibits him, his family and his neighbors from enjoying a good night’s sleep and sitting outside.

As Trustee, I’ll demand CDPHE resources be allocated to continue monitoring air quality in Erie. For a rundown of the mobile lab, see my interview with Daniel Bon for the Erie Protectors on YouTube: