Policy: State Highway 7

Typical Cross-section – Segment 3

We’ve recently heard of numerous CDOT project proposals to expand C-470 and widen I-25 from Loveland to Ft. Collins. The expansion of I-25 between 120th Ave and the Northwest Parkway/E-470 is expected to be complete in winter 2018/2019.

What about the main southern artery into Erie that many of us use to get to I-25 and beyond?

State Highway 7 Study

CDOT conducted a planning study in 2014 which proposed numerous improvements to SH 7, including:

  • Fairly little change between US 287 to 119th Street with some minor widening.
  • 119th Street to Sheridan Parkway would “be expanded to two 12‐foot (ft) travel lanes in each direction, a center median, and 12‐ft shoulders on each side.”
  • Since Sheridan  Parkway to York Street “will experience the greatest amount of growth projected in the corridor, [it] will require three 12‐ft travel lanes in each direction” by 2035.
  • The I-25 interchange will be improved; one option is to move to a diverting diamond interchange (DDI) similar to the one at Hwy 36 and McCaslin Blvd.
  • The plan includes “bicycle and pedestrian facilities along the full length of the SH 7 corridor.”

Download the full report from https://www.codot.gov/projects/sh7pel/final-pel-study-report/sh-7-pel-study-february-2014/view

As a Trustee, I will work diligently with the Town to ensure these improvements are fast-tracked. The residential and commercial growth of the area demands it.

Intelligent Transportation System

In November 2016, CDOT completed a $3 million project to install fiber optic cable along SH 7 between I-25 and US 287. This project was another step towards CDOT’s vision for an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) to support enhanced traffic monitoring and driverless cars.

Keeping Up To Date

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