Policy: Working Together

Today, Erie’s Mayor Tina Harris posted on her Facebook page:

One more quick note from me to you. It is election/campaign season in Erie. There are two Mayoral candidates and eight Trustee candidates vying for your vote. I would caution each of you to research the candidates, and be wary of any candidate that says they can single handedly do something. That is not the way the Board of Trustees works. It is a seven member Board, with seven equal votes. No matter the title of the Board member; be it Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, or Trustee it takes a majority of Board members to accomplish anything. To reiterate, no one can single handedly accomplish anything, it takes a majority of the seven members to move an issue forward, create change, etc…

I mentioned this on my post a few weeks ago about taking oil & gas to the state, but it’s worth repeating:

In my official capacity as Trustee, I would demand a majority support of the board before undertaking any effort to take oil & gas to the state.

The best way to “help me help you” is to vote for other candidates that have made their position clear regarding the onslaught of oil & gas in our communities. Together, we can do it!