Denver Post: Anadarko Oil Spill

The site of a hydrocarbons spill near tanks at an Anadarko Petroleum well site near Erie on Feb. 18, 2018. Bruce Finley, Denver Post

I met with Bruce Finley of the Denver Post to take a look at the Anadarko spill at Hwy 52 and County Road 7. Read his article at

I am running for Trustee because if we don’t face this problem head on, none of the rest of it matters. The parks, the open space, the small town feeling, a safe place to raise our families. They are all at risk from unconventional oil & gas development.

Browse the map referenced in the article and find out how it was made at . We’ll have them available at future Erie Protectors events.

There are 267 active wells in the Town of Erie. There have been 73 spills reported to the COGCC this year for all of Colorado, 44 in Weld County alone. For details, see

See the Town of Erie notice about the Anadarko spill at

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