Why am I running for mayor?

This is why I am running for mayor of Erie.

For those of us labeled “extremist” when we suggest that if only oil & gas were treated like any other industry, that residential drilling would not exist.

For those of us that volunteered countless hours to gather signatures and knock on doors with Colorado Rising to get Proposition 112 passed, only to have oil & gas to spend $41 million to defeat the measure.

For those of us frustrated that SB19-181 hasn’t given local municipalities more explicit control of their land use, and their duty to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their residents.

For those shocked and saddened by the Board of Trustee’s vote to adopt the Crestone operator agreement a week before the election, just six months before SB19-181 was signed into law.

For those frustrated that Protect Colorado – a 501(c)(4) funded by Anadarko, Extraction Oil & Gas, Nobel Energy, and more – spent $55,000 supporting candidates in the 2018 Erie election.

For those who filed countless noise and odor complaints with the COGCC for drilling sites within Erie (and those located just outside the Town’s jurisdiction) only to be told, “The inspector did not associate any odors to oil and gas locations in the area.”

For those of us that have read and understand the growing body of scientific evidence of the risks and harms of fracking.

And so much more. For all of us.

Christiaan | C4Erie

While it’s still up, you can see the original posting at Energy Strong Colorado at https://www.facebook.com/energystrongcolorado/posts/609180526545167