Home Rule Resources

Here are some resources about the transition to home rule.

Model Charters

Consultants have recommended we look at the following home rule charters as a model for when we undertake the process:

  • The City of Loveland home rule charter was suggested by Tami Tanoue of CIRSA as a model for Erie.
  • The Town of Eagle approved their home rule charter in April 2020.
  • The Town of Monument is currently under way in pursuing home rule.

February 8, 2022 Presentation

David Flaherty of Magellan Strategies presented to the Board about the Home Rule survey results on February 8th, 2022. Visit the Town’s web site to view the supporting materials from his presentation or to view the video from the meeting. Some highlights:

  • The survey responses were inline with other municipalities that have recently made the transition to home rule successfully, such as the cities of Castle Pines, Eagle, and Monument. This is wonderful news and gives me hope that we can do the same. In particular, the consultants feel we’re ahead of the game relative to Castle Pines and Monument and are well-positioned to put the establishment of a home rule charter commission on the November 2022 ballot.
  • Communication is key in a successful transition to home rule. We knew this years ago, and have bolstered the Town’s communications department in preparation for home rule.
  • The majority of respondents identified increased local control as a top reason to go home rule.
  • For those objecting to home rule, the major theme was a distrust of the current form of government.
  • For those undecided, they really needed more information.

November 2019 Presentation

Tami Tanoue of CIRSA came to the Board to present about Home Rule in November 2019. For the items presented at that meeting, you may peruse:

Some other resources I’ve found useful: