Questionnaire: Town of Erie

What are your top three qualifications to run for public office?Integrity, commitment, and courage. In my time as Trustee for the Town, I have held true to my beliefs and the platform upon which I ran, advocating above all else for our residents’ health, safety, and welfare. I stood alone in my opposition to the […]

Questionnaire: Metro Housing Coalition

Please tell us about yourself and why you are interested in running (or running for another term) for elected office in Erie?I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa of Dutch parents, grew up near Edmonton, Alberta, and have been a Colorado resident for over 30 years. After an undergraduate degree in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental […]

Policy: COVID-19

Hi, my name is Christiaan van Woudenberg, and I am running for mayor of Erie. As a current Trustee for the Town and a father of two teenage daughters, I’m here to talk to you about the Coronavirus. In the last two days, the Governor has declared a state of emergency, classes have been canceled […]

Questionnaire: Elife Magazine

You Tell us about yourself, your family and why you are running?I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa of Dutch parents, grew up near Edmonton, Alberta, and have been a Colorado resident for over 30 years. After an undergraduate degree in molecular biology from CU Boulder and graduate work in computational biology at CU Denver, […]

Questionnaire: Colorado Hometown Weekly

Christiaan van Woudenberg Website: Age: 46 Family: Daughters Anika (15) and Isobel (12) How long have you lived in Erie: 12 ½ years Professional background: I ran my own software company for 5 years before moving to enterprise software development, where I’ve done everything from user interfaces to database design. I’m currently a Chief […]

Home Rule

What is Home Rule? In simple terms, it allows a municipality greater control of “matters of local concern”: If a matter is of local or municipal concern, a home rule city may regulate or otherwise control or act with reference to it. In the absence of municipal action the matter is to be governed by […]

Press Release

ERIE TRUSTEE CHRISTIAAN VAN WOUDENBERG ANNOUNCES RUN FOR MAYOR ERIE, CO – In a bid to unseat the current Mayor of Erie, Christiaan van Woudenberg is proud to announce his candidacy for Mayor of Erie in the April 7, 2020 election. Says van Woudenberg, “Erie is at a crossroads; with courage and conviction, we can […]

Why am I running for mayor?

This is why I am running for mayor of Erie. For those of us labeled “extremist” when we suggest that if only oil & gas were treated like any other industry, that residential drilling would not exist. For those of us that volunteered countless hours to gather signatures and knock on doors with Colorado Rising […]

Crestone Operator Agreement Remarks

In its entirety, here are the remarks I made at the special Board of Trustees meeting on Sunday, November 4th, 2018 regarding the operator agreement with Crestone Peak Resources. My first comments are for my peers on the dais. In my opening speech at the Vista Ridge Academy candidate forum in March, I made an […]

Fair and Balanced?

At the Board of Trustees meeting on September 11, 2018, the Board undertook discussion on a proposed ad-hoc oil & gas committee brought forth by Trustee Woog during his mayoral campaign. Several of the statements I made during my opening statement were subsequently taken out of context; let me clarify as to why I’m not […]

Oil & Gas: Crestone Boulder County CDP

As a part of the third draft of Crestone Peak Resources’ Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) for Boulder County, the operator has prepared a Question and Answer Summary (PDF). While much of the Town of Erie does not directly fall in the area of the CDP, many Erie residents call Boulder County home. I’d hoped that […]

Policy: Coyotes

I share the opinion of Kristin Cannon, District Wildlife Manager at Colorado Parks & Rec. She said, “Wildlife officers, such as myself, do not kill coyotes who prey on pets or demonstrate human habituation. We will, however, kill coyotes whose behavior has escalated to the point that it is a human-safety concern.” The Colorado Parks […]

7News: State Acknowledges Miscommunication

The lead story on 7News for November 13, 2017 was about the notice of alleged violation at the Vessels Minerals site just 25 yards east of the playground at Aspen Ridge Preparatory School. It featured drone footage I took at the site on November 12, 2017. As Mayor, I’ll use the powers afforded us by […]

ELife: Why I am an Activist

This article is reprinted from the Holiday 2017 issue of Elife. ac·tiv·ist noun /ˈæk.tə.vɪst/a person who believes strongly in political or social change and takes part in activities such as public protests to try to make this happen [1] References[+] ↑1