In my time as Trustee for the Town, I have:

  • Voted against developments that would increase density and change the character of Old Town.
  • Put the brakes on a Moffat Street extension/bridge.
  • Championed the Town Center project, to bring responsible development where it belongs.
  • Supported Home Rule to include an Old Town ward to guarantee representation on the council.
  • Held true to my principles and beliefs as a father with small town roots to see Erie grow to become an economically and environmentally sustainable community.

Old Town Development

When I spoke to Old Town residents during the 2018 election, I asked, “would you like Erie’s downtown to be more like that of Lafayette, Louisville, or Longmont?” Their consistent response (even now) is that they want to see downtown Erie thrive just as it is. “A few more restaurants, a place to grab a coffee, and a grocery store,” they said. Fox Dog Coffee has been open since last spring, we’ll see Birdhouse and Pripri open this year, and the Town Center master plan includes a 40,000 sf grocery store. As Mayor, I’ll continue to advocate for the right kind of development around Old Town.

Moffat Street Bridge

A map showing parking duration for a Thursday (June 13, 2019), darker means people tend to park longer. Image courtesy Kimley-Horn.

I have been a consistent critic of the proposed Moffat Street bridge since running for Trustee in 2018. For all those that spoke in opposition to the project during my campaign, at community outreach meetings, or during public comment at Board meetings, I have heard you. Those that conducted the downtown parking study heard you. As Mayor, I’ll continue to advocate for alternatives, especially as we consider the redevelopment of Coal Creek Park.

Town Center

A rendering of the northwest corner of Town Center, including a grocery store, a hotel, and a Town swimming pool. Courtesy DPZ CoDesign.

I’m a strong supporter of the Town Center project, in particular because it fulfills the promise of an “in the middle-of-Town” grocery store that so many have been asking to see in this area. I also believe this project brings the right kind of housing opportunities to Erie without interfering with the existing character of Old Town. I’m excited about the possibility of multiple municipal bus loops that would integrate the Town Center with the rest of Old Town, allowing residents to catch the RTD JUMP bus, visit the Erie Community Center, or do some shopping.