Here’s what Erie residents and Christiaan’s acquaintances have to say:

I support Christiaan because he understands and is supportive of the concerns of Old Town residents.  He supports reasonable development of the Old Town Business District and is sensitive to protecting the special character of our Old Town residential neighborhood.


I appreciate Christiaan’s thoughtful approach to development. Affordable housing, open space, and keeping neighborhoods safe from industrial activity are very important to him. He helped bring in world-renowned designers to plan the Erie Town Center which will be a unique and beneficial asset to Erie.


Christiaan will continue to elevate the voice of the under-represented.


I am thankful for Christiaan’s efforts at keeping Erie residents safe, especially for his stance on oil and gas production within town limits. My family is grateful for his record on housing, commercial development and open space. We look forward to voting for him again.


Climate change will no doubt continue to be a concern and will impact us all. Christiana sincerely cares about Erie’s residents, from what items are being accepted into our landfill to how oil and gas drilling impacts our health. We need more Trustees that care about our health, as Christiaan does!


My vote is for Christiaan because he prioritizes the environment and will continue to work hard to protect Erie so our kids and families can have clean air & water. He always puts people, health, and the environment before politics.


I am voting for Christiaan because as a Trustee he has proven his interest is in the community first. With Christiaan what you see is what you are going to get and that is an educated, informed Trustee working to protect the residents in health and safety, economy and development.


Christiaan is a dedicated Trustee who has, time and time again, put the health & safety of Erie residents first. He votes with Erie’s future in mind. With Christiaan on the Board, there’s hope for a more sustainable & inclusive Erie.